Improve your resume for better prospects

These days there are more applicants than the available positions, and to get noticed by hiring managers, you have to stand out.

Your resume is your ‘first foot’ in the journey towards a good job. Most recruiters prefer the resume to be updated, brief, and precise.

Try to present a clear overview of yourself so that your resume gets a thorough screening.

Simply, to land an interview, your resume has to be 100% professional.

Below are some tips to better the chances of your resume getting through screening:

Heading/ Title: The heading should be concise with your current job title and basic contact details.

Building yourself a good Linkedin profile and sharing its handle on the resume will surely get you noticed.

A neat and informative Linkedin profile is considered the mark of a good professional.

Objective: Be authentic. A recruiter who skims through 100+ resumes can immediately recognize a web-copied resume and reject it.

Try to craft an objective in your own words covering your experience, accomplishments, and how you are going to create value for the new company.

For programming positions, it is always a good idea to present a table of your technical skills and experience on the first page itself.

For example: PHP developer, Android developer, JAVA programmer, WordPress developer etc.

Skill sets/ Skill matrix: Changes made to your skill set column should be relevant to the job/organization you are applying.

Before you sent your resume anywhere, make sure to scan the job description and highlight the relevant skills.

For an IT sector job application, ‘technical skill sets’ is the most important column, this is where you present in detail the list of applications, tools, software, operating systems, frameworks or programming languages you are familiar with.

Work Experience: A detailed work experience column is most important. Arrange this information in the best way of giving clarity to your career path.

Mention your achievements in previous organizations, including awards and appreciations.

For a programmer/ developer, the major projects you worked on with its basic technical details can be included.

Education Qualification: Include your necessary academic qualifications concisely and orderly.

This can be followed by interesting miscellaneous information about yourself if any.

Reference: Should be made available upon request (optional).

Keep in mind that your resume is your first impression to the recruiter, so scrutinize it to the core and make it 100% error free and equally authentic.

All the best in finding your dream job!

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