Understand our recruitment process and tips for you to succeed

LiteBreeze’s recruitment process

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius

The first step to your dream job is getting through tough hiring processes. Your recruitment process is crucial to determine your eligibility and suitability for that specific job.

In most cases during the hiring process, you will also be able to pose company-related queries, at the end of the interview.

LiteBreeze has a unique approach to candidate assessment, compared to the conventional methods for traditional recruitment. The entire process has been designed to be meticulous and time-efficient.

So if you are looking to join LiteBreeze or have already applied for a position with us, the below points will be helpful.

The three-step recruitment process at LiteBreeze:

  • Online + communication test: The online test is a single logic-based question that aims to test your code quality and functionality. You will be required to develop one function. Our focus is on the neatness of the solution, logic, code efficiency and optimization. We include a separate communication test within this round.
  • HR-tech interview: Once you have cleared the online and communication test, there will be a video interview call to test your technical know-how and experience. This round will include a few HR questions as well.
  • Machine test: Once you clear all the above rounds, you will be invited for a final proctored machine test. This test consists of a combination of MCQs and coding questions. This round (usually 120 mins) is meant to further assess your logic, knowledge and experience on various technical topics along with your coding ability.

Interview tips

Confidence and effective communication are advantageous during the interview, as there will be a variety of probing questions based on your previous tests, experience, domain knowledge and resume.

Be prepared for personal and uncomfortable questions from the interviewer such as career gaps or challenges faced during previous employments.

The research you have done ahead of attending the recruitment process at LiteBreeze will come in handy during the interview, should you be able to connect any of the answers with the position that you applied for.

Follow up

After your interview, it is a good idea to call/mail the recruiter to thank them for the opportunity. At LiteBreeze, the candidature status will be shared with you via email, within two working days.

You could additionally follow up on the status of your candidature with us via mail or a call after three-four working days if you have not been informed yet.

Should you be looking for the next challenging step-up in your career, send us your updated resume and one of our recruiters will get in touch with you. Here’s wishing you all the very best!