Seven reasons why you should join an SME vs an MNC

Broad technical exposure

In large firms, roles and responsibilities in teams are very clearly demarcated and usually, you would be assigned to a single task within a project. This could easily become your routine that could last for years (depending on the size of the project).

At SMEs like LiteBreeze, you get to work on multiple projects simultaneously which greatly expands your technical knowledge and improves time management skills.

You get to see the big picture and handle a variety of responsibilities in each project. This gives you the chance to take up various tasks (planning, communicating, developing, managing and deploying) that may fall outside of your own specific skills.

Thus you learn more on the job, broaden your expertise and future employability with transferable skills, aiding you to grow that much faster in your career. As they say, in SMEs, no two days are the same.

Clear career growth and faster recognition

Career progression at MNCs is often structured and levelled, it could take you years to work up the ‘corporate ladder’. Whereas, in an SME, your career progression is more likely to be a direct result of your efforts and capabilities.

When you work for large corporations, it is a challenging and time-taking effort to stand out from the crowd. This is due to large employee numbers and a fixed set of positions to compete for. Many factors in addition to your performance would be considered for recognition.

Additionally, an MNC attracts talent thanks to its well-known brand, whereas SMEs need to add “more actual value” to retain top performers. That means you get to enjoy tangible benefits, at the right SME like faster recognition, higher increments etc.

At an SME, as part of a smaller team, you are likely to receive direct recognition for the hard work you put in. This is because your seniors/mentors will be more involved with your work.

Therefore they are more likely to identify and reward your achievements fairly with promotions and salary hikes. This recognition can lead to increased job satisfaction which in turn leads to better productivity.

Lack of bureaucracy enables a healthy workplace

When working at an SME you are more likely to find mentors and workmates rather than bosses. It gets easy for you to collaborate and learn from seniors across the company, not just those in your immediate team.

You can build close working relationships with all employees, not just those in your immediate team or department.

LiteBreeze aims at a good team size for each project – not too large and not too small. Thus, you will have colleagues that you work closely with, but also not feel lost in a huge team.

Such an environment helps you foster a strong sense of camaraderie, which in turn improves your productivity and leads to the success of both you and the company.

At LiteBreeze you are our top priority. Even individual, custom requirements are considered and senior management works to ensure that all employee needs are met thus improving employee morale.

Our recent certification as a ‘great place to work’ is a testament to our commitment and consistent efforts to ensure a safe, healthy work environment.

Direct client communication

At an MNC, there are business associates who usually manage all communication with clients. Or most of it will be handled by project leads. You may miss out on chances to communicate and understand client requirements directly.

As projects tend to be smaller at an SME when compared to an MNC, you often have the chance to communicate directly with clients. Moving forward this makes you an, even more, well-rounded, skilled, interesting talent considering your long-term career goals.

At LiteBreeze we regularly have clients who visit us and our top talent get opportunities to visit our European clients.

HR policies and the recruitment process

It is a known fact that the recruitment process at large firms can take 4-6 weeks as there are many decision-makers at different levels involved in the process.

Recruiters may not always keep you updated about your candidature unless you are shortlisted to the next round. At times there is no way of knowing your progress as recruiters may not be reachable.

Whereas at firms like LiteBreeze we have a meticulous three-step recruitment process which on average takes around one week. One of our top recruitment rules is to always keep you updated on progress.

You, the candidate always comes first, so rest assured, you will be duly informed about your candidature at every stage. Our recruiters are friendly and contactable for any queries.

The same goes for HR policies. Most MNCs tend to have set policies decided by the top management whereas, in a smaller company the HR tends to be more flexible. You as an individual are more important to us than fixed HR policies.

Implementation of new ideas

Owners of SMEs often respect and value the opinions and suggestions of their employees irrespective of position or experience.

Suggestions you bring up could be related to anything ranging from new technology you would like to work with, communication improvements, operational ideas or simple administrative changes.

In large companies, any large scale change takes time and may include only the top members of the decision-making board. This would, in turn, slow down ground-level processes as well.

Due to multiple iterations, the approval process of an idea like installing a new software would take a long time and this invariably delays actual development. Such delays can affect your long-term career growth and technical exposure.

Whereas in LiteBreeze, new changes are reviewed and approved swiftly as our leaders understand that innovation is imperative to keep up with ever-changing business and IT trends.

As such, you are far more likely to be involved in company decisions at an SME than if you were working for a large corporation.

We believe employee involvement aids company success and so be assured that your ideas would be heard and considered by senior management.

SMEs like LiteBreeze adapt quickly and effectively in response to changing market demands in order to thrive. This leads to great opportunities for innovation and growth which, as a valued team member, you can play a vital role in.

You would be actively encouraged and supported to research and suggest new technologies you wish to implement that would be suitable for specific projects or client requirements.

Thus, as we widen our range of services you get to stay updated and work on great projects along with the latest technologies that are on par with IT industry trends.