Why should you be on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a great professional tool for finding valuable business connections – whether clients, staff or partners.

Make an effort of building a network of all professionals that you meet. Regularly updating this network on what you work on, learn and what’s happening in your company will bring in both talented candidates and potential clients. It will boost your search engine ranking and allow prospects to find you.

Your LinkedIn headline might be most important, as a lot of people will see your headline when searching or viewing posts. More and more people also use LinkedIn as a search engine, so your LinkedIn headline is as important as your website page titles.

How can you concisely put forward your value-proposition in limited length while including important keywords?

78 characters are shown in search results and when you post. Max headline length is 120, but remember that the last 42 characters will be cut off in most views.

When it comes to the profile summary, explain your value proposition to your key target audience(s).

Use hashtags in your profile summary to stand out and show when people search for that specific hashtag.

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