Management articles

Are you managing professional services teams? What can you do to improve the outcome of projects and productivity of team members? The following management articles are useful to: buyers of services, managers, consultants, agencies and other firms. Focus lies on software development in particular.

At LiteBreeze employees follow a meticulous management methodology that ensures a consistently high level of services. We follow Swedish work ethics which adds value to our client communications and project management. Our Swedish on-site manager is involved to guarantee that the standards at LiteBreeze is at an international level.

Appraisal guidelines

The aim of highlighting the most important feedback during appraisal meetings is that you learn and improve faster. This way you maximize the value you create through an open discussion.

Grow your team to maximize the value that you add

Are you doing everything yourself to do it right? Are you swamped with work and can't find time for long outstanding todos? Perhaps it's time to grow your team?

Work plan guidelines

How can software developers clearly communicate progress of their projects to clients and seniors? Part of the answer lies in a clear and frequently updated work plan.

Time sheet overviews

How can software developers clearly report how much time is spent on projects to clients and seniors? Part of the answer lies in a clear time sheet overview.

Time entries guidelines

Detailed time entries can be prepared with little effort by creating the right habit. Adding maximum value and preparing a high-quality time entry both starts with planning and structuring your work.

To-do lists

Why a to-do list? Isn’t it just an administrative burden? Tangible values that to-do lists bring to making work efficient includes being one of the most simple ways of providing high service quality.

Coaching guidelines

As a senior professional you will always have high-value priorities competing for your time. Coaching is one of those most valuable priorities - a high-ROI investment of your time.

Talent! We hire the top 1%.

Recruiting only the best IT specialists in India to join a dedicated development team of web application professionals.

Frequent coaching

LiteBreeze developers high performance is ensured through frequent coaching sessions.

Project planning: benefits of a detailed pre-study

Why should you opt for a detailed planning phase for your software project? Discover how it can save you money and lead to a more successful project.

Service quality practical tips

How can we practically apply the service quality concept to our day-to-day communication?