Clients worldwide trust us to provide top quality customised web application solutions consistently. This is possible only because of our experienced and talented web development engineers with PHP expertise. That is why we select only the top 1% of local talent.

Many candidates may have the right skills, but at LiteBreeze we ensure to locate and recruit developers with great communication skills, the right attitude, who pay attention to detail, are service minded and eager to learn. Developers at LiteBreeze are recruited based on Western standards set by our Swedish manager

LiteBreeze follows an effective funnel methodology to recruit only ‘high performers’ in the web application development industry.

The top characteristics of a high performer are:

  • Strive to consistently maintain highest professional levels
  • Treat clients/ seniors as a priority
  • Understand and consider sense of responsibility as crucial to performance
  • Demonstrate positive attitude and behaviour consistently
  • Lead by example
  • Engage in direct and honest dialogue at work
  • Respect the talents and trust the intentions of colleagues
  • Challenge status quo when appropriate
  • Meet deadlines, commitments and are trustworthy

The success of our organization is dependent on the quality of our employees. Hiring the right people for the right job using the LiteBreeze methods improves the chances of continual company growth and success.