Technical committee: focus on growth

The technical committee is an advisory committee similar to the management committee, responsible for improving the development process and phasing in new technologies.

Here’s how the technical committee functions:

  • The committee meets once a month to discuss the process improvements, new ideas and review the progress of approved improvements.
  • The committee will be chaired by the senior-most committee member. He/She will report to the PL representative about the committee’s suggestions.
  • Currently, the size of the technical committee is restricted to a maximum of six for improved efficiency.
  • Out of six members, five are core members and are nominated by PL and PD. Each PL can nominate two team members, and PD can nominate one.
  • The committee can choose an optional guest member for each meeting. The guest member can be an employee who has sent some high-value improvements or someone to be consulted as per the meeting agenda.
  • The management will consider revising the core members every six months.

A prerequisite for becoming a core technical committee member is:

  1. That you are highly knowledgeable within your field and take initiatives.
  2. That you regularly share your knowledge through the coaching process.

You are welcome to contribute your ideas even if you are not a committee member.

You will be invited to the committee as a guest member if your suggestion has the highest value in the received set. Consistently bringing up high-value improvements, would eventually secure you a core seat in the committee.

Your name and idea will be added to an honour roll if the management approves your idea or suggestion. This is also applicable to the technical committee members.

Note: Technical committee can only recommend improvements, and final decisions would be taken by senior management.