Technical team promotion procedure

LiteBreeze technical team promotion procedure

Success at LiteBreeze is defined by the steady increase in value that you bring to your job. Both for the company’s growth as well as your own. This ideology is reflected and practised in our employee promotion strategy.

Promotions at LiteBreeze are not decided solely on seniority or performance but more on what you do regularly that is beyond and above your daily work and expectations.

As an SSE, you would not necessarily be promoted based on your years of experience, logical expertise or the quality of your consistently clean and functional written code.

You will be promoted to a TL when you create more value by taking up high-value responsibilities like code reviews and coaching your peers, bringing in high-value suggestions to improve user experience, building rapport with the client etc.

You get promoted from a technical lead to STL when you demonstrate your big-picture planning and management skills. As an STL, you are expected to handle small and medium-sized projects independently.

The next step would be a promotion to APL when you acquire the skills and knowledge to handle all the technical aspects of big projects with minimum senior involvement. You get promoted to the PL role once you further refine your skills and can handle any projects independently.

LiteBreeze’s PLs are our top technical seniors, who have a strong technical background. They can independently handle all sorts of technical decisions related to projects and ensure timely coaching of their team members.

We understand that there will be room for improvement for perfection in probably one or two factors. Overcoming those factors would then earn you the PM title.

LiteBreeze’s PMs are our top performers, who have a solid understanding of the LBPs, consistently follow them to the T, as well as coach their teams to adhere to LBPs.

You can even get promoted as a Director if you are clearly and completely committed to LiteBreeze long-term. You perform your job and responsibilities superlatively. You demonstrate extreme flexibility in managing the changing requirements of the organization.