Are you looking to outsource to India? These articles contain great advice and are based on 14+ years of experience in the industry.

Giving your team feedback

Giving feedback will help your remote team to continuously improve. Your candid and constructive feedback really helps your team to understand you better, and what they can do to serve you better.

Very agile web application development using Google docs

All projects and clients are different but from our experiences of agile development, where requirements and priorities change very often, we have come to like the following simple approach the best.

Outsourcing to India: how to handle time zone differences?

Many Indian outsourcing firms offer to work almost the same office hours as their clients - they will work “in your time zone” so to speak. This can be an attractive proposition to rich-world clients. Why might this not be a great idea?

Protect your idea, intellectual property and code

When outsourcing software development you can make your idea reality at a low cost, but what about the risk of your intellectual property leaking and being stolen?

Why opt for dedicated minimum hours contracts for developers?

What type of software development agreement should you choose? A flexible contract where you don’t need to commit to any minimum hours might seem appealing. Here are five factors why you might reconsider a deeper cooperation with your software development firm.

Hiring a web application development company: 10 crucial factors

Are you hiring software developers? You are about to take a hugely impactful business decision! The final product has potential to make your business more successful. Consider these key factors while shortlisting potential partners.

The agile development method

How can you outsource software development projects more efficiently using the agile development method?

Fixed price development or rough estimates?

Are fixed prices possible? What are the benefits of sprint-based rough estimates?