Four reasons to outsource vs hiring in-house developers

Four reasons to choose outsourcing over hiring in-house developers

1. Availability of great talent

Finding the right talent locally is often a major challenge and could take time which is not ideal.

On the other hand, outsourcing firms can provide you with a wide range of talent with different experience levels, allowing you to utilize the best talent for your project needs.

LiteBreeze recruiters work with hiring within multiple technical streams, so they know and recruit the right talent following a strict recruitment process.

You can rely on a good outsourcing organization like LiteBreeze for insight and collaboration to provide you with the most suitable talent for your project.

2. Cost-effective hiring and maintenance

Hiring a full-time in-house developer is usually expensive, especially for a particular project requiring a specific skill set.

You might not require these resources once the particular project is completed successfully.

Then, outplacement would be a hassle. Additionally, you’re also responsible for other expenses like workspace, regular salary hikes, insurance etc.

Whereas, at web development firms like LiteBreeze, you have no such administrative challenges. You only need to pay for the actual work done without the hassles of retention and other overhead costs.

You can easily find the most suitable developer and skill-sets for your specific requirement needs without having to invest in in-house talent long-term.

3. Quick team scalability

It would be a challenge to upscale or downscale quickly with an internal development team.

Not only would it take time and effort but would also be an administrative hassle. This is neither sustainable nor ideal for an expanding company.

Whereas with an outsourcing team, it is quite common to have client requests to upscale or downscale with regards to project requirements and development pace.

This is done with minimum client micromanagement. You can request a replacement any time and it will be executed within a reasonable timeframe.

Hiring a local team comes with the risk of key team members leaving the company or going on unplanned leave, which could have a major negative impact on your company and project.

With outsourcing firms, you will have access to many more experts and some companies like LiteBreeze will even provide stand-by developers in case of such situations. Thus you get the right mix of quality and quantity for your project.

4. Focus on your core business

IT outsourcing firms have experienced tech experts who know what is required and will work towards making your project a success.

They will manage your project requirements efficiently, so you get to focus completely on your core business.

At LiteBreeze, we can provide you with specialists ranging from front end developers, back end developers, test engineers, project leads, DevOps architects etc. Your project requires a great team with various specializations for guaranteed success.

A transparent method to check and review all the work being done in your project. Thus making it easy for you to oversee your project progress and attend to your business.

You will benefit from quality developers who are trained continually in industry best practices and service quality.

You need not worry about common outsourcing issues like delivery delays, lack of transparency about estimates/budgets, poor communication etc.

Rest assured that your project will be planned, developed, tested and delivered in the best possible way with minimum micromanagement.

Outsourcing your software development project to the right company will be one of the best long-term decisions for your business.

We even recommend a combination of an in-house team together with LiteBreeze in case you wish to have the best of both worlds. Contact us today to know more!