Protect your idea, intellectual property and code

In today’s business environment, your business idea is a large share of your company’s value. When outsourcing software development you can make your idea reality at a low cost, but what about the risk of your intellectual property leaking and being stolen?

We recommend that you take a number of steps to safeguard your interests:

  1. Sign an NDA, preferably with a company in a well-functioning jurisdiction that respects the rule of law.
  2. Research the company that you plan to do business with and their track record.
  3. Research the owners of your potential partner firm. If they’ve been in business for a long time any disputes will probably be public and reachable with a Google search.

At LiteBreeze most our developers and designers are based in India, but our Indian entity is owned by our Swedish parent company and all client agreements are signed by our Swedish managing director in the name of the Swedish company.

LiteBreeze and our managing director has been in the India outsourcing business since 2004. Our core principle is to think long-term and to make our clients successful. We’ve dealt with hundreds of ideas and projects over the years. We have everything to gain from protecting our clients’ ideas, intellectual property and code.