CRM and accounting software for hedge fund

CRM and accounting software for hedge fund

A Swedish-owned financial services company that manages a hedge fund required a heavily customized solution to manage investors, investments and brokers.

The business application developed would have to be very scalable and allow for the integration of graphical reports and function as a custom reporting software module.

Another goal for the client was for the application to act as a part of their marketing efforts, promoting the hedge fund through features facilitating word-of-mouth and buzz marketing.

Solution: A financial information system developed in PHP & MySQL

This custom business application was built using PHP and MySQL and was based on the LiteBreeze accounting software module to ensure transaction integrity.

Investors and brokers are given access to a range of graphical reports to analyze funds performance as well as tools to calculate the future projected value of the fund. The admin can manage:

  • User types: i.e. admin users, brokers and investors.
  • Sales leads including distribution of sales leads among brokers.
  • Transactions including commissions, wire transfer fees, bonuses and more. Complex transaction management is a vital part of the admin panel.
  • Inward and outward remittances, commissions, wire transfer fees and bonuses paid to investors.
  • Website content through the LiteBreeze CMS.
  • Email/SMS marketing campaigns.

The broker works as a part of the company to process new leads and investments for which they earn commissions. With the web interface they can:

  • Analyze fund performance.
  • View and respond to new leads.
  • View existing investors.
  • View their earnings, i.e. commissions and bonuses.

Through the investor control panel the investor user can:

  • Set a personal goal and be notified by email and SMSÂ when the goal will be reached. The projection on when the goal will be used is done using historical return rates.
  • Make deposits and view transaction history.
  • View historic and projected growth in a graph.
  • Initiate a recurring transfer.
  • Refer friends and earn a bonus.
  • View its part of the pool of the fund which tells the investor how much bonus s/he can expect.

Benefits provided by LiteBreeze

The custom business software developed by LiteBreeze is focused on providing the client and its end users with maximum value.

The application does, for example, promotes the benefits of investing with the company by giving end-users access to future growth projections and by notifying clients on the progress towards their investment goals. This motivates the end-users to become more active and builds up the company’s brand.

Investors can also recruit acquaintances while earning a kickback on future returns. The more investors they recruit the larger chunk of future kick-backs they will receive. All these efforts promote the common goal of creating a buzz at all touchpoints.

It allows the client to attract new investors rapidly even on a minimal marketing budget.

Team of developers who worked on this project: Sony, Priyesh, Sivaprasad, Anzal, Musafar