Custom Accounting Software Module

Custom Accounting Software Module

Need: Flexible Accounting Module

LiteBreeze has developed a simple yet very powerful custom accounting application. The module was needed for a range of projects where reliable transaction management was required. Through its easy-to-use interface, the accounting software is intuitive to bookkeepers, accountants, and auditors who can use the application without prior training.

The accounting software gives the end user full control of assets, expenses and cash flow. The accounting module is easy to integrate with third party systems such as CRM, ERP, order management software, employee management software and time and attendance software.

Solution: Custom Accounting Software based on PHP

To allow for a scalable solution the development team at LiteBreeze India built in support for various object codes such as cost centers, entities (customers, vendors, employees) and countries.

Multi-currency support was solved so that multiple currencies and exchange rates could be stored. The application has been developed by PHP developers at LiteBreeze India using PHP and MySQL technologies making the software solution fast, scalable and affordable to maintain.

The core of the solution is structured like this:

Voucher management

  • Browse vouchers (screenshot), add voucher (screenshot) and edit voucher


  • Income statement/profit and loss statement (screenshot)
  • Balance sheet
  • Trial balance
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Account analysis
  • Account by object code (shows amounts booked per entity for an account)


  • Import vouchers
  • Import chart of accounts


  • Browse/add/edit accounts, entities, cost centers, books
  • Opening balances

The reports offer extensive filtering options so data can be displayed for a subset of object codes for example.

This accounting module was developed in 2007 and is now replaced with an API to a third-party solution. LiteBreeze can still help your company with custom accounting software integration.

Team of developers who worked on this project: Dileep, Saji, Sony, Jithin, Bheem