Custom after school student information system in WordPress


Afterschool offers English Club and thematic learning activities to low and middle school children while they are at recreational/club or in connection with the school. Afterschool also offers advanced groups for children who have lived abroad or otherwise acquired a high level in the relevant language. The website is created using WordPress as a base

Some examples of the features of the application:

  • Parents can register student to groups and view attendance information.
  • Teachers can login and mark attendance
  • Student attendance summary and reports.
  • Manage municipalities, schools and groups.
  • Manage teachers in the system.
  • Manage teacher attendance reports.
  • Semester system to easily manage student’s data across semesters.
  • Info-mailing system to sent information to students.
  • Student registration summary and reports.
Custom after school student information system in WordPress

LiteBreeze has developed our administrative interface that handles registrations, group, scheduling, payments, attendance etc. They have a simple communication and billing system and it’s easy to follow progress. They have always delivered good service and quality at a good price which makes it attractive to work with them.

- Pia Engholm (Stockholm, Sweden)
Team of developers who worked on this project: Arun, Jayasankar, Karthik, Priyesh, Musafar