Business Software Synchronization to SaaS System

Business Software Synchronization to SaaS System

Need: Moving Data From Legacy Business Software Into SaaS

The aim of this business application tool is to synchronize senstitive business data such as customers, orders, invoices, accounting vouchers and more from one business application to a SaaS-based business software solution. The SaaS solution which the synchronization effort targeted was also developed at LiteBreeze India.

The client had two systems, one legacy business application and one account on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution (which is also developed for the same client by LiteBreeze India).

Information on new customers was first inserted in the legacy application (this is the client’s main system and it handles all their customers, i.e. the SaaS users (LiteBreeze’s client’s customers). As the SaaS solution featured a wide range of user-friendly features the client wanted to utilize the system themselves instead of the legacy application originally developed to handle their customers.

Solution: Seamless Two-way Synchronization of Business Data

The tricky part of developing the synchronization scripts were that a two-way synchronization needed to be done. If customer record was updated in the legacy system it needed to propogate to the SaaS system and vice versa. Thus, extensive checks needed to be put in place to prevent conflicting edits.

LiteBreeze has helped us reduce costs when developing a complex suite of online business applications. Even though the geographical distance is considerable, diligent remote conferencing and frequent follow-ups have helped much and made our applications a reality.

- Daniel Jonsson (Stockholm, Sweden)
Team of developers who worked on this project: Bini, Sibu, Dileep, Arjun S, Jithin