Candidate profile automation project for a Swedish coaching institute

Candidate profile automation project for a Swedish coaching institute

AlphaCE is a leading Swedish coaching and educational institution with 550 employees. They interview and test job seekers, targeting long-term unemployed and newly arrived immigrants.

Accordingly, candidates are accepted into niche training programs which greatly increase their chances on the job market.

This service places candidates in jobs that match their aptitude after providing the required training. An application was created to automate the various steps of candidate profiling such as registration, verification with BankID during login and acceptance of answers to questionnaires.

Additionally, this application also enables the creation of automated support desk tickets for further processing.

Our experienced PHP experts used Laravel for this project as well as MySQL, Azure Cloud, Bootstrap, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript. We also incorporated BankID for this application.

Some of the key features developed by LiteBreeze include:

  • BankID: We have integrated BankID authentication in the system which allows a new user to register for this service using their unique bank id. BankID is the preferred way of secure authentication in Sweden.
  • Create and manage questionnaires: The admin can create and manage different candidate-specific questionnaires. Questionnaires can be created with custom questions and input types.
  • Attend questionnaires: Only questions are available for the user while the answers are visible to the admin for review and analysis.
  • Analyze questionnaires: The admin can analyze and add comments to the submitted questionnaires.

This was one amongst many training management system projects done at LiteBreeze. It had its own share of challenges that we were able to successfully solve. One of the most crucial challenges for us was that the time to market expectation was just one month.

We architected the system in such a way that we could go live in four weeks. Following which we could then incrementally roll out updates every two weeks.

This allowed the client to respond faster to customer demands. Each iteration added some functionality that was expected to create value.

Another challenge was delegating employees to handle large number of personal interviews on a daily basis. We solved this issue by automating the required processes for this project.

The growing volume of candidates to be profiled could become overwhelming. Complete access to all candidate profiles amongst employees was made possible and thus verification of those profiles got easier.

We plan to expand this project further with the integration of Tokbox, an android app, iOS app and REST API.

Team of developers who worked on this project: Sibu, Praveesh, Arjun S, Musafar, Anzal