CMS Driven Restaurant Website in PHP

CMS Driven Restaurant Website in PHP

Please note that this project was developed in 2009. The website is still up and running however LiteBreeze has not been involved in any further development the past years.

A restaurant website design plays an important role in the restaurant’s marketing mix. It is mainly used as a promotional tool. Now-a-days people expect restaurants to have both informative and eye-pleasing websites that looks good on both computers, tablets and phones.

The client has requested that the following qualities of his restaurant are highlighted: ambiance of the restaurant, menu and wine list.

The client required a simple and effective presentation which would appeal to his local patrons. The eye-catching, yet affordable web site was developed by PHP Developers at LiteBreeze India using PHP, jQuery and MySQL technologies.

The ambiance is highlighted by keeping the colors muted and focusing on the images of the restaurant. The services have been categorized and displayed in individual pages.

The Content Management Solution allows the client to manage the content of the website and add pages as his business expands.

The web is vital to local businesses. These days it is important to show your prospective customers what the restaurant offers as well as the friendly, professional image of the restaurant. The atmosphere of the restaurant is vitally important to attract the clients from your targeted community.

Team of developers who worked on this project: Bheem, Krishna Raj, Vijay, Fasil, Sivaprasad