Coffee supply chain management platform with traceability story

Coffee supply chain management platform with traceability story

Era of We is a global coffee marketplace and community that brings together all members of the supply chain and gives a higher value of the coffee brand back to the estates.

Estates can trade directly with the roasters thus empowering them towards socio-economical progress.

The platform comprises multiple portals serving the coffee supply chain – from estates growing coffee to roasters processing it into roasted coffee products and finally to the end customers buying the coffee.

The portals provide extensive custom made features making it easy for all actors to perform their roles in the chain.

The application has been developed with Golang as the main programming language, Aurora MySQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, and multiple AWS services like SQS, SES, SNS, S3, etc.

The front-end portals are built using the Angular framework to include modern effects while ensuring a high level of user-friendliness. A robust backend API service powers the platform’s multiple front-end portals.

Additionally, a traceability story is generated as the coffee bean moves through different stages of the supply chain.

This adds transparency to the process of coffee sourced on the platform and aims to make the supply chain more equitable by shifting a higher portion of the revenue to the estates’ end.

The project started with a Proof-Of-Concept phase which took nearly 40,000 man-hours.

Read more about the application’s core features built by our team here.

Technologies used

Golang has been the primary programming language used considering its high performance and efficiency, required to cater to the huge load from multiple frontend portals and services.

Aurora MySql DB is the primary data store, with Elasticsearch used as an extended store to help with advanced searching. Redis helps with server-side caching, decreasing the load on the primary store.

A Websocket API has been built in Golang for the messaging system to allow for instant messaging. Real-time event notifications are also pushed through this service.

AWS SQS is used as part of a queue-consumer setup to handle time-consuming processes that can be pushed to the background. Email notifications are sent out using the AWS SES service.

Application assets are stored and accessed on AWS S3, with AWS Cloudfront providing a global caching service to make for a faster user experience. Application activity logs are pushed to Elasticsearch and monitored using Kibana.

CI/CD was configured using AWS CodePipeline and containerised applications which allow faster, frequent and automated deployments. This was set up and managed by our competent DevOps partner Opsio AB.

Next priorities

In-built translation support is planned to bring down the language barriers that Estates/farmers face when communicating with roasters across the globe.

Third-party E-commerce integrations – Seamless, full-fledged integrations with custom third-party E-commerce applications to ease large-scale management as more roasters are onboarded to the platform.

Some other priorities include using IoT to gather remote sensing info related to green-coffee cultivation, storage and transport, business intelligence reporting to help strategic decision making, etc.

Coffee supply chain management platform with traceability story
LiteBreeze helped create our highly customized project. We are impressed with their good service quality and adherence to deadlines. We are happy to recommend them as a reliable development partner. - Daniel Hedlund
Team of developers who worked on this project: Arun, Priyesh, Musafar, Vijay, Urmila