A comparison shopping service app for multiple stores


Roothmarket is a comparison shopping service app for products from multiple online stores. This data is automatically, periodically gathered from the shopping feed of different stores.

This was developed using a PHP framework and SQL as the database.

The main features are:

  • Manage stores and their feeds. Map the feed categories to custom categories.
  • Periodically process feeds to update the product listing related to different stores.
  • Ability to search and filter products based on stores, categories, prices, and brands.
  • Auto-set language and currency based on the selected country and list the appropriate products.
  • Display product details and available variants. 
  • Compare the price of different variants of the same product on a single page.

Technical information:

  • The application is developed using the CodeIgniter PHP framework and SQL as the database.
  • Elasticsearch is employed to index the feed-data, perform an advanced and efficient search on the large data-set. It also enables text operations like autocompletion, spelling variations, and typo handling. 
  • Redis is employed as an in-memory database for caching frequently used data.
  • The front end of the application is built using Vue.js and Twitter Bootstrap to provide a snappy user experience.

Future plans

  • Implement outgoing feed and parallel tracking for listing feed data on Google shopping.
  • Further, optimize the feed parser to ensure scalability.
  • Employ Machine learning (ML) for automated and effective mapping of feed categories to custom categories.
A comparison shopping service app for multiple stores
LiteBreeze completed the first phase of our project within the expected time, even with the preponed go-live date. They have strong work principles, excellent technical know-how and good communication skills. I would wholeheartedly recommend LiteBreeze to people who’re looking for trustworthy outsourcing partners. - Martin Frönmark (Stockholm, Sweden)
Team of developers who worked on this project: Sushama, Saji, Ragunathan, Karthik, Soumya