Custom CRM Software for Distributor

Custom CRM Software for Distributor

Need: To Increase sales through improved information management

A Swiss small scale wholesaler of tobacco products required a custom CRM application through which they could manage retailer locations, retailer performance and product sales. Customer management software enables the client to keep track of their retail customers’ success.

The aim is to enable the client to analyze which retailers are most successful in selling the client’s products and how to enable other retailers to be equally successful, boosting the clients’ success.

Solution: An integrated CRM and order management application

The client had a large number of retailer customers (small shops and kiosks selling their tobacco products) as well as a number of different tobacco products.

By conducting market visits, where the client’s staff would visit shops to analyze how its products were exposed, the client learns why certain retailers are more successful than others in marketing their product range.

The solution, built with PHP and MySQL, stores all relevant information in its database. There are registries for managing retailers (CRM screenshot), retailer locations, manage products (CRM screenshot), retail orders and market visits (CRM screenshot).

By combining the information stored in the database and generating custom reports, the client can analyze essential business questions such as the following:

  • Which products are most popular and where are they the most popular?
  • Which retailers are the least successful and why?
  • How are the most successful retailers showcasing the products?

The solution features a custom report generator based on the SQL syntax. This saves the client a lot of time, as they can generate any type of report they may need from the information stored in the MySQL database. The custom reports can be exported to Excel.

The solution is both about customer management and order management solution. The client needed business software which would allow them to store company-specific business information and allow for quick access to relevant information.

Therefore LiteBreeze suggests building a custom business application from scratch. The solution is scalable and as the client grows additional types of information and custom reports can be developed.

Team of developers who worked on this project: Bini, Sushama, Sibu, Bheem, Saji