Custom crypto currency and P2P lending platform

Custom crypto currency and P2P lending platform

LXC Coin is a second-generation Cryptocurrency, 100% backed with real money, with P2P lending partners returning an average 15% p.a. on the base value making the coin continuously rise in value. LXC Coin is considered a stable cryptocurrency compared to Bitcoin due to its features like “proof of stake concept”.

LiteBreeze has developed the official website for LXC Coin using codeigniter platform and bootstrap css. Main features include:

  • Creating and implementing responsive layout as well as graphics design.
  • User friendly back end CMS.
  • Cross browser/device compatible HTML template.
  • In site blog feature.

We are currently developing the P2P lending platform intended to facilitate micro lending in a safe and efficient way using LXC Coin. This platform is being developed in codeigniter platform and will contain features:

  • The P2P platform is linked to the LXC Coin website which facilitates the continuously flow of data, which in turn provides all the latest information and statistics on LXC Coin.
  • P2P platform is designed to be fully automated and highly secure.
  • It has additional statistics and graphics module which provide up to date information in the most user friendly manner.
  • The cryptocoin «production» and handling will be done through a proprietary system the company is developing in-house, build on top of the Bitcoin protocol.
Custom crypto currency and P2P lending platform

LiteBreeze have proven to be client-friendly and punctual. Our website is a highly customized solution and we've set a high level of expectations. We are impressed with their service, so we entrusted them with the development of our P2P application which is a more complex system.

- Henrik Ellefsen (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Team of developers who worked on this project: Krishna Raj, Sibu, Sabeer, Bheem, Sandeep