Custom E-learning website with LearnDash for WordPress


Kursgallerian is a Swedish online learning website where visitors can purchase and attend a variety of different courses. The site uses WordPress as base, with a heavily customized version of LearnDash LMS and WooCommerce.

Our main task has been continuous development and maintenance of features such as:

  • Simplified course adding process: To manage associate courses with lessons, topics and quizzes is modified so that it was easily manageable with the least understanding of the system.
  • Woocommerce Integration: Simplified the process so that the admin/course manager can easily create and manage related products using just a checkbox.
  • Customer and Course Creator Access: A new plug-in created to easily manage the course creator and customer access to the website. Two separate registration forms were created with email templating system so that admin can manage all emails sent to customer/course creator. The course creator access privileges are customized.
  • Course and Product linking: The courses and associated products are linked so that the customers can easily access and participate in the courses they purchased.

Custom E-learning website with LearnDash for WordPress

Our association with Litebreeze started with our online learning website Kursgallerian. We chose LiteBreeze because of efficient project planning and fast responses. Timely communication also made the experience smooth. We recommend Litebreeze to anyone who needs a custom e-learning solution.

- Marino Assarsson (Sweden)
Team of developers who worked on this project: Arun, Deepu, Sibu, Karthik, Fasil