Custom E-commerce solution for Belgian Jewelry Store

Custom E-commerce solution for Belgian Jewelry Store is an ecommerce website made for a Belgian company selling unique jewelry to clients around the world. They needed a professional and luxurious web design incorporated with a user-friendly online store where their customers would be enticed to explore their jewelry, eventually purchase and also return to the store in the future.

The client requires full control over the look and feel of the website - from the designs displayed on the website to the text and layout. At the same time the design is far from simplistic. LiteBreeze India has put much effort into making miniscule details editable from the administrator control panel. This includes links, categories, images, product templates and more. It was much due to the need for such dynamic functionality that LiteBreeze India chose to develop the ecommerce website from scratch instead of choosing an open source ecommerce platform (though our existing background technology has been used to reduce time and cost).

Thanks to the control that the administrator has got over the website, the user is guided through a very structured shopping experience. The processes are simple and concise. The application gives the client a high degree of flexibility and choice while purchasing. Users can choose new designs quickly and place orders through the neatly designed interface matching the expectations in the industry. The result is customers who are satisfied with their shopping experience and who will come back to buy again.

The project was initially developed with a fixed price and features are now being added by an on-demand developer.

LiteBreeze get things done quickly and any concern will always be acknowledged in a matter of hours. You have one or two contact persons which is a great advantage. I can recommend LiteBreeze who needs affordable and professional web development company.

- Guido Steffen (Antwerpen, Belgium)
Team of developers who worked on this project: Amala BG, Aadi DS, Athira SR, Anjaly AT, Advik HP