Custom order system and 3D product database of machine parts

Custom order system and 3D product database of machine parts is a complex online product database and marketplace. If features a database of spare parts for heavy equipment such as tractors and wheel loaders. The aim is to let mechanics log in to view "3D blueprints" of the equipment and eventually purchase the spare parts that they need.

Some examples of the features of the application:

  • Interactive model viewer
  • Importing and updation of parts through large size spread sheets
  • Login for dealers where they can set up logins for their end customers
  • Invoice management
  • Advanced permissions management for dealers, sub users and specific categories and models
  • Subscription management
  • Multi-language support and translations

The project was initially developed with a fixed price and is now being maintained by an on-demand developer.

The LiteBreeze team has developed our complex and non-ordinary web application in a more flexible way that we were actually expecting.

The communication has been great and steps have been clear thanks to the LiteBreeze professional planners and their experience.

There is more development to be done and we definitely trust LiteBreeze to take care of this for us in the future as well.

- Vincent Gelineau (Paris, France)
Team of developers who worked on this project: Suresh JV, Janet CCT, Mahesh RS, Fabio AX, Eddy CJ