Custom WordPress websites for a group of companies

Custom WordPress websites for a group of companies

The Hatec Group provides products and services in the fields of mechanical and plant engineering. With manufacturing in Mülheim, “Made in Germany” solutions are offered to various industries and a wide range of applications. The group is active in industries such as Steel, Power, Maritime, Chemical, Oil & Gas.

The Hatec Group consists of ten different websites connected through the Hatec Group website. The sites have been created to improve the marketing, corporate identity and to create a better platform for presenting the group.

The Hatec Group websites are developed using Wordpress framework (PHP and MySQL). The Litebreeze team is working closely with the client to find optimized solutions in areas such as design, adding new features, logo changes, creating pictograms, improving the speed of the sites, SEO, making sites user-friendly and in other ways increase value for end users and the client.

Some of the key benefits and features of the system are:

  • CMS: The Hatec Group websites uses a customized CMS with advanced features to connect slideshows, multiple templates and manage the content.The CMS allows a design solution which has a strong focus on pictures using the slideshows.
  • Hatec Group News: It features a news system which helps the admin to publish and updatenews to several sites with ease. This function avoids time consuming processes to create and manage the same news entries on all the websites. All the code has been kept inside a plugin so the development follows a WordPress structure and ensures compatibility with future updates.
  • Printing: Hatec websites include a printing feature which enables the visitor to take prints of the websites.
  • Responsive Web Design: The Hatec websites features a professional and eye catching user interface which is responsive.

The Litebreeze team is proud to have developed the Hatec Group websites.

LiteBreeze has been developing the websites of the Hatec Group; they are a great business partner and also a great team to work with having a great customer focused attitude. The team of developers has a strong knowledge and experience in web development and able to work with high level of flexibility to meet targets. We would recommend LiteBreeze to anyone who wants excellent results with great service to carry on all sorts of web development.

- Felix Gyllenstedt (Mülheim, Germany)
Team of developers who worked on this project: Charles JV, Sabir AJ, Sarath SK, Fabio AX, Eddy CJ