Market data provider for financial information in Europe

Market data provider for financial information in Europe

Our client is a leading provider of financial market solutions in Europe. Financial professionals like traders, banks, companies, and newspapers interested in European markets rely on our client to provide global real-time market data, stock prices, stock market indices, trading, news, and other related information. 

Does your business collect and process large sets of data? LiteBreeze has worked for a number of news agencies and similar firms. We have experience in importing data from sources such as government agencies, stock markets, financial databases, etc.

LiteBreeze developers work on this client’s data management portal which collects and processes data from different data sources. The data sources include Alliance News, Ritzau Finans, Nyhetsbyrån Direkt, etc. Customers can subscribe and access these data through API endpoints. 

Key Features

Application program interface: Customers can subscribe to key company and market information, based on the scope of their permissions. 

Resource management: Key company and market information are imported and synced daily using scheduled jobs.

Missing data and Revisions: The internal system has features to highlight missing or possibly outdated data. This helps ensure that the data in the system is accurate and up to date.

Technical information

AWS services: This application is running on an EC2 instance. We use AWS S3 to store files.

Development environment: Uses Laradock, which is based on Docker. Deployment is done using Envoyer and Laravel Forge.

Frameworks: Uses the Laravel framework and Lumen – a micro-framework by Laravel. The frontend is built as Angular SPA, and uses the Bootstrap framework.

Database: We use Postgres as the database configured on AWS. The system also uses Redis.

Scheduling: To enable the efficient and uninterrupted processing of large data sets, most of the data processing is done through scheduled jobs and queues. 

We use Laravel Horizon for managing and monitoring the queues.

Coding standards: The project uses PSR-2 coding standards to keep the code readable and easily maintainable.

Communication tools: Our Indian web development team works in tandem with the client team in Sweden. We use Basecamp, Trello, Bitbucket issue tracker for project management, Slack for communication, and Microsoft Teams for meetings.

Next priorities

Frontend enhancements: Frontend architecture needs to be extended to use data from multiple backend services.

Incremental backup: Data sets are growing exponentially each day. So keeping an incremental backup is an immediate priority task. We plan to use AWS S3 for this.

Improve code coverage: We aim to add more unit-tests for better code coverage.

Team of developers who worked on this project: Jishnu, Sanju P, Sajan, Rahul K, Arun