Custom E-learning solution with videos for sign language training

Custom E-learning solution with videos for sign language training

Tecknologen AB conducts training and consultation in sign language, production and sale of educational materials for sign language. At LiteBreeze, we developed Teckentuben, a custom e-learning software (LMS) which provides videos for children, youth and adults who use sign supported speech as their means of communication.

The videos are mainly for educational entertainment and caters to different topics. It also has videos focused on pure education, following the curriculum of the special schools.

The application handles the organisation and easy retrieval of the videos that are of interest to the user. It is designed to be a responsive video portal, enabling it to be accessible from computers, handheld devices like iPad and other popular mobile devices as well. The visitors can access free content and also subscribe to premium.

The salient features of the application are:-

  • Videos are organised into modules, playlists and favourite pages.
  • Ability to search and filter videos based on various criteria related to the videos.
  • Subscription feature allows user to subscribe and access premium content and playlists.
  • User plan subscriptions limit the number of simultaneous sessions from a single account.
  • Supports two type of payments: manual invoicing and online payments(using Payson™ payment gateway).

Technical information

The application is developed using the popular PHP framework, Laravel and the application UI is built on the Twitter Bootstrap UI framework. We adhered to PHP PSR-2 coding standards and followed the Gitflow workflow for this project.

For hosting the videos we had compared and tried different video hosting solutions, considered self-hosting and delivery as well. We then finalized Vimeo for the hosting and transcoding of the videos, as they are providing the best service in terms of value for money, quality, and storage capacity.

However we used Flowplayer to play the videos, as the Vimeo JS video player did not support all the playlist functionality features that the application required. Also, Flowplayer offers a consistent experience across different platforms.

For showing the best quality videos to the users based on the internet connection, we used the HLS (HTTP live streaming) format available in Vimeo, enabling Flowplayer to play the best quality video to the user based on their available bandwidth.

The application has a responsive design and capable of providing smooth user experience on different platforms such as desktop, tablets and mobile phones.

Custom E-learning solution with videos for sign language training

LiteBreeze team is very professional, they fully understand our business and deliver the highest quality consistently. They also have good knowledge and practice of the Swedish work methods and client service, which helped to ease the process of my supervision.

- Håkan Ernklev (Lundsbrunn, Sweden)
Team of developers who worked on this project: Sushama, Saji, Krishna Raj, Alwin, Pressy