Coaching and E-learning platform with telepresence


Through this online coaching and e-learning platform, experienced experts share knowledge through telepresence. In live sessions, experts use voice, video call, and screen sharing. This offers a personalized experience to skill seekers. 

LiteBreeze has developed a highly scalable and high availability system with Laravel as the backend framework. The UI and UX are based on responsive design principles keeping user-friendliness as the priority. We have integrated Elasticsearch in this platform as well. 

The system is designed to auto-scale according to the load using the AWS cloud infrastructure. Furthermore, advanced analytics, campaign tracking capabilities, and highly interactive customer support systems are also built into the platform.

The LiteBreeze team has spent many man-hours on this e-learning project as of October 2017.

Team of developers who worked on this project: Karthik, Bheem, Jishnu, Jithin V, Praveesh