Custom E-recruitment platform with video interviews

Custom E-recruitment platform with video interviews

Easy Recruit is a Norwegian company providing an e-recruitment platform where businesses and job seeking professionals can meet and collaborate towards achieving the business and personal goals in a cheap and effective way.

Business and job seeking personal can come to the website and create an account in a couple of simple steps, and then create an online profile and use this online profile to attract possible businesses and job seeking professionals. Users can easily create a professional profile by linking their LinkedIn profile and thus establishing a educational and professional history.

The platform is developed on the Code Igniter Framework (PHP and MySQL). LiteBreeze is working closely with the client to develop new features, make the platform faster, make it more user-friendly and in other ways increase value for end customers and the client.

Some of the key benefits and features of the system are:

  • LinkedIn profile import to create a professional Job seeker and Business profile.
  • Online Contracts: Easy Recruit has a custom inbuilt system which can generate an online contract by combining profiles, job posting, job type and employment. The users have the option to modify this digital contract to suit their specific needs and can also upload their own contract.
  • Electronic Signing: Businesses and Job seekers can sign digital contracts or uploaded contracts with BankID or Buypass provided by Signant city Maestro.
  • Video Interview: Easy Recruit faciliates an online video interview platform which the business users can use to filter candidates easily with an online Face to Face interview.
  • QuickCruit: Businesses can use the QuickCruit feature to quickly screen candidates based on set criterions and invite them to apply with ease.
  • Easy Recruit has an integrated Reminder system which provides businesses and job seekers with reminders and notifications on upcoming interviews and recruitment related tasks to make sure they never miss a schedule.
  • Reviews system: Easy Recruit reviews system provides the job seekers and businesses to establish their credibility and professional background by showcasing the feedbacks from their earlier works.
Custom E-recruitment platform with video interviews

In the vast marketplace of Indian IT firms, it was not easy to pick the right vendor. Over the last 1.5 years, they have done a great job improving our product while thinking business and challenging our thoughts and specifications. We will give them our strongest recommendations.

- Torbjørn Skjelde (Oslo, Norway)
Team of developers who worked on this project: Arun, Sibu, Ghanashyam, Arjun KB, Anoop