Custom e-commerce solution for large German plastic card printers

Custom e-commerce solution for large German plastic card printers

LiteBreeze developed and continues to upscale an e-commerce website for one of Europe’s largest plastic card printers using OpenCart. They produce various plastic cards such as RFID cards, chip cards and magnetic cards. Our PHP experts work on customizing the platform as per specific client requirements.

Some of the key features developed by LiteBreeze include:

  • Implementation of the UPS shipping module: This integrates UPS shipping functionalities to safely ship purchased cards worldwide. This API creates a tracking id and label for every shipment, which is shared with end customers to track their orders.
  • Payment gateways: Multiple gateways were implemented for customer convenience such as PayPal, Payex, 2checkout, Payson, DIBS, WorldPay, MoneyBookers, Klarna and SagePay.
  • Customization on order processes and volume management: The system allows quantity wise categorization of all products for easy and timely order processing. The customer can select any product and it’s volume simultaneously during the purchase. Multiple products with varying volumes can also be selected within the same order though it will list as separate orders in the backend.
  • On-site search engine optimization: LiteBreeze experts have given appropriate and unique titles, keywords and descriptions to make the site search engine friendly.
  • Invoicing and pricing: The order management system also includes invoicing of customer orders . The product prices can be efficiently managed for different customers. Customer orders as well as supplier orders can be created and maintained through a simple process.
  • Integration of multiple languages and tax rates: Users can view the entire site in German and English. VAT calculation has also been integrated for all product purchases. The tax rate is selected with respect to specific countries in the European Union.
  • Charts and graphs: This has been incorporated in order to obtain a clear overview of the different types of orders, shipping and claims at any time.

Along with OpenCart, we have also used core PHP, extJS, jQuery to build this application. LiteBreeze has been working on this project since 2011.

Future Challenges

Since the system was developed a few years ago, it need to be updated to maintain compatibility with the responsive design. We have planned continuous upgrades of the front-end e-commerce site as well as the backend order management system.

Due to the increasing competition in the worldwide plastic card market, it is necessary that the the site gets better ranking in analytics by updating the system with new and improved versions of an e-commerce solution.

As the backend system is developed in Core PHP, we intend to rebuild it with latest PHP framework like Laravel Framework.

Due to the introduction of GDPR, we are obligated to redesign the site and OMS in compliance with these new regulations. This requires the LiteBreeze developers to conduct an in depth system study and then the consequent modifications.

Team of developers who worked on this project: Bini, Krishna Raj, Chithra, Arjun S, Sreerag