Entrepreneur and Investor Portal

Entrepreneur and Investor Portal

Xstractive.com is an online meeting place for business people. Investors can find exciting business ideas to invest in, and entrepreneurs can showcase their businesses and attract investments.

Detailed information on businesses and investors are saved and users can make advanced searches to find matching businesses. Users can also subscribe to receive email notifications when matching businesses are registered.

Some examples of the features of the application:

  • Detailed data can easily be inserted by users such as income statement and balance sheet details
  • Flexible subscription management system where admin can change plan details at any time
  • Dynamic management of all categories, sectors, business types and the like
  • BizAlerts: automatic notification when matching businesses (investors or businesses needing investment) are registered
  • FaceBook like messaging system
  • Multi-language support and translations

Please note that this project was developed in 2012. The client later decided to shut it down.

I have been working with LiteBreeze and David since 2012. David has been supervising the implementation of a website for my company.

Without a doubt I greatly appreciate the work performed by LiteBreeze and David as a Director of LiteBreeze and Project Manager.

First of all LiteBreeze has always understood extremely well and quickly the business requirements of my project. They also have demonstrated the ability to come up with some very interesting suggestions to improve these requirements if need be.

Furthermore my company has greatly benefited from David’s outstanding organizational skills. He can prioritize and allocate tasks in a very efficient manner. Last but not least David’s professional dealings have always been extremely honest, courteous and accurate.

These are in summary the reasons why I rate David’s work very highly and why I recommend strongly to make use of David’s expertise in the field of websites creation.

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- Xavier Simon (Luxembourg)
Team of developers who worked on this project: Musafar, Don P, Sibu, Sabeer, Bheem