Custom event management system for a Swedish firm

Custom event management system for a Swedish firm

A custom, cloud-based user-friendly event management web solution was developed in collaboration with experienced in-house architects of Memlin. This SaaS platform was designed to help organize and manage all types of events, polls, and surveys.

Users are given extensive options on how participants can register and pay for meetings. Users can set up events and invite participants or publish the signup page for public registration.

The system also has polls and survey modules, in which polls are used to determine preferred event dates and surveys can be scheduled to collect the participant feedback.

Customizable reply-forms are available under each event. These can be used for tasks such as collecting participant replies or even payments.

Key features

Events: The user can set up custom events in simple clicks with basic preferences. It can be updated later to suit unique requirements as well as tickets and prices can be added for paid events.

Polls: The user can create polls with minimal setup and add planned time slots. The participants can then select time slots of their choice in the poll page. Users finalize the most acceptable date and time, based on participants’ responses.

Surveys: The user can create and schedule surveys to collect feedback from event participants. The schedule configuration can be customized to be sent only to those participants with a specific status.

SMS/Email notifications: The user can set up event/reply reminders for notifications about an upcoming event. Both email and SMS notifications can be configured under reminders.

Message center: All emails and SMS sent from the system are logged and displayed under the message center for each event.

The email responses (from participants) are also recorded in the message center and saved in the same thread for better clarity.

Activity logs: Activities by both users and participants are logged in the system and listed under the activity tab. The user can set email notifications for any activity under event settings.

Sub-user management: The users can add multiple sub-users to manage an event/account. The sub-user privileges are set under the user settings page.

User packages: The system offers features based on the package subscribed by the users. Multiple packages, privileges can be created in the backend and the user can opt from any of these with ease.

For the ease of users, this site provides full multilingual support and languages can be added at a later stage as required. The languages currently available are English, Swedish, Norwegian, German, Finnish, and other European languages. Additionally, users can also create customized reply forms for each invitation using a form builder.

Technical information

Laravel Nova: Site backend uses Laravel nova for better handling of admin settings.

AWS services: The application is running on multiple EC2 instances to provide a hassle-free experience to the end-users. The system uses AWS SES for emails and AWS S3 to store the user files.

Database: The MySQL database of the application has been configured using the Amazon RDS service for better data security and easy backup. The system also uses Redis for shared session storage.

Embedded script: The event reply pages can be easily embedded on third-party websites by using the script provided in the event settings tab. The embedded iframe will resize to fill in the parent container in the host website.

API updates: The API endpoints help to programmatically interact with the system backend. Third-party services can be used to list the events or to search the participant details, etc.

Coding standards: The project uses PSR-2 coding standards to keep the code readable and easily maintainable with proper code comments. Also, there are auto-checks in the repository to analyze the release codes.

Next priorities

Front-end rebuild: The application frontend will be rebuilt using VueJS to improve the UX.  We plan to convert the whole system to a SPA.

Setup Algolia: We plan to implement Algolia search technique in the project to provide a better global keyword search.

GraphQL implementation: Another step would be to integrate GraphQL using lighthouse-php for better API communication, better authentication handling, expose queries and mutations, etc.

Custom event management system for a Swedish firm
It was great to work with LiteBreeze. They collaborated well with our Swedish team. They are a responsible and trustworthy development partner!
- Christian Ramel
Team of developers who worked on this project: Arun, Aswathy, Yomon, Dileep, Urmila