Food allergy translations – Ecommerce portal

Food allergy translations – Ecommerce portal

The Client and its need for a custom E-commerce solution

Please note that this project was developed in 2008. The website is still up and running however LiteBreeze has not been involved in any further development the past years.

The client is a Finnish internet entrepreneur helping people with food allergies (and people who are on special diets) to communicate their needs while traveling in other countries.

By signing up at their custom e-commerce website the customer can order printable cards (diet cards) that explain the customer’s specific allergy/diet in multiple languages. The customers can then carry with them these cards while traveling saving themselves from a possibly hazardous miscommunication.

Core business objective: Customized-order process

Customers would order and print their diet cards through an easy to use step-by-step online guide. In this customized order process, the customer would be able to pick his or her allergy/diet, the languages in which the customer wants the diet card printed, and finally checkout.

The web development team at LiteBreeze India put extreme emphasis on making this customized checkout process as simple as possible to boost the client’s business through its fully custom e-commerce solution.

Solution: Custom E-commerce development with PHP

LiteBreeze took care of revamping the entire website for the client. This included designing and integrating a content management system (CMS) where the client could change any data on the front page.

But the core part of the e-commerce solution was, of course, the highly customized back-end where languages, allergies, customers and prices were managed. The PHP web application has been developed by PHP programmers at LiteBreeze India using PHP and MySQL technologies.

Through the administration control panel the admin user can:

  • Manage customers and orders
  • Set up pricing and price plans
  • Import phrases and languages from an existing solution and from Excel
  • Set up categories, allergies, special diets and ingredients

Customers can purchase either a plan which will grant him/her access to multiple diet cards (different diets/allergies and languages) or purchase just one diet card. Payment is facilitated via the PayPal payment gateway.


This type of custom e-commerce solution can only be obtained by a custom software development effort as no open sources solution exist that target such a specific market.

The client received an easy to use, scalable and neat solution which fully automates order processing and the printing of diet cards in a large number of languages. The client’s business concept finally got a software solution matching its unique nature.

As a Finnish company I hesitated a bit to choose web developers from as far away as India as the communication with the web developers MUST work fluently when developing a complex solution such as mine. The fact that LiteBreeze is a Swedish yet India-based company and that communication with the Swedish project management is present when discussing critical factors convinced me that the project was going to be in good hands.

We got a great solution which is easy to use both for the end customer and for us to maintain to a very affordable price. There were some timeline issues due to the complexity of the solution, but the most important thing was that they were eventually solved to our satisfaction.

We were also very pleased that LiteBreeze also were able to provide web design service and not only the PHP programming. They also had very good online project reporting tools which helped us keep track of progress in an easy and timely manner.

We can recommend LiteBreeze - though some timeline issues were experience they stuck to their promise and price proposal and delivered the customized web solution we wanted to a very affordable price. Thank you LiteBreeze - we will be using you again :)

- Niklas Nygaurd ( Finland )
Team of developers who worked on this project: Sibu, Bini, Dileep, Ragunathan, Kiran A