Hybrid mobile app based on Golang

Hybrid mobile app based on Golang

MyItems is a distinctive hybrid app that acts as a management tool for items owned by a private user. It is designed to securely organize the essential details of all items, from vehicles and buildings to household equipment and gadgets. 

This enables the user to be in complete control over the purchase, warranty, and operation history of everything owned by them. 

MyItems offers a slick UI that allows its users to easily add items and their details. The details can include purchase documentation, warranty information, operation history, and trip logs (in case of vehicles).

During the ownership of an item, the user can add maintenance costs, upgrades, services on the item, and so on.

MyItems generates timely reminders on warranty, refund, or return dates, and all similar significant events of the listed items.

When the user wishes to resell an item in their ownership, they can list them in the exclusive ‘marketplace’ inside the app. When a buyer is found, the ownership and documentation details can be securely transferred via the app itself. 

The highly security-conscious MyItems app is encrypted and hosts its data and infrastructure in the secure AWS cloud.

MyItems is currently available in the Google Playstore and the IOS apps store with its basic features like receipts upload and warranty tracking.

The larger feature modules will be tested and deployed periodically in the coming months.

LiteBreeze’s talented developers built this cross-platform hybrid mobile app (Android/IOS) in the Ionic framework. The cloud-native backend infrastructure is created and deployed in AWS. The API’s are written in GO using the Beego framework.

Key Features

Receipt submission: Users can submit receipts in three ways: Use the in-built camera of the app, upload a previously captured picture, or transfer documents to their personal MyItems email address.

Warranty tracking: Once the receipts are uploaded and the warranty expiry date is set, the app will notify the user 10 days prior to the expiry. If the purchase has a return/refund date, the app will automatically remind the user in advance.

Receipt transfer: When an item is sold or given away, the original receipts can be transferred via the app and the new owner will receive item related notifications from that date onwards. 

Purchase history: The user can generate reports of all purchases made during a certain period of time by using specific criteria such as the date, amount, and the description.

Cloud storage: All information is secured in cloud-based storage. This enables ultra accessibility, regardless of platform, time, and location. AWS cloud storage provides great information security and recoverability, as it encrypts all the documents.

Hybrid mobile app based on Golang
In June 2018, I got the idea of My items. I thought of this system that would be great to have installed, in order to keep track of the maintenance that was performed and to keep accounts over the costs of operating my private items. I made a design document, had the entire system ready for production and needed development. I met the LiteBreeze team in Kochi. They are well organized with project management, and they give status reports on a weekly basis. I am very happy with LiteBreeze as my development partner and will continue working with them in further development. - Morten Skurdal
Team of developers who worked on this project: Priyesh, Ragunathan, Musafar, Jithin, Yomon