Integrable Issue Tracking Software

Integrable Issue Tracking Software

LiteBreeze India has developed an issue tracking module which runs both as a standalone system or as an integrable module. It could be integrated with business software such as a CRM, self-service portal and/or helpdesk.

The issue tracker lets company staff and customers collaborate on issues and the stakeholders will always be kept up to date on the status of pending issues.

Features and Benefits of the Issue Tracker

The issue tracker has been developed as a module for LiteBreeze’s customer portal and staff portal. Customers can use it to submit bugs or general issues.

The system is developed in PHP and MySQL.

The benefits and features include that the customer user/staff user can:

  • Access the bug management system straight from bookmarks without logging in. Shortening the time it takes to report bugs/issues.
  • Post a large number of bugs/issues quickly and in a user-friendly way through the issue upload page (screenshot).
  • Submit multiple screenshots of bugs/issues at once, in a quick two-step process.
  • See the number of bugs/issues reported and the status of the bugs live.
  • Participate in the interaction between staff and customer on bugs/issues.
  • See the detailed history of at which times a feature has been worked on and whether it was resolved or not.
  • See how long time it took to fix bugs/issues from the time it was reported.
  • Rank bugs/issues according to priority so that the most important bugs/issues get handled first.
  • Staff and customers can subscribe to email notifications. When an issue is registered or commented on, the user would receive a notification. The user can respond via email and the email parser would register the response to the system as well.

Contact us today to learn how the issue tracking software can be integrated with your existing business software for increased efficiency.

Team of developers who worked on this project: Saji, Sibu, Bheem, Vijay, Ragunathan