Custom lead management system for a consultancy

Custom lead management system for a consultancy

LiteBreeze built a unique lead management system to organize, track, and engage leads. The workflow is designed to assess and qualify leads without delay or miscommunication. Necessary measures were taken to ensure that this system is GDPR compliant.  

An LMS effectively handles day-to-day lead management activities resulting in a more focused sales funnel and helps you envision the right marketing efforts required to convert leads into clients.

Our experienced PHP experts used Laravel for this project as well as MySQL, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. The responsive design allows flawless access across multiple devices.

The workflow of the LMS starts when a lead submits the “get-a-quote form” on the consultancy website. Along with submitted information, other relevant data about the lead, such as location, keywords used, etc is also saved to the platform.

Key Features

Lead Listing

This page lists all the leads that come to the LMS and here they can be easily delegated, reviewed, updated and analyzed.

The LMS has advanced search filters that allow segregation of leads based on different criteria such as status, potential, country, follow-ups, assigned user, etc.

Lead information

The entire communication between a lead and the sales team is saved in a single thread so that stakeholders can follow and review this information, ensuring transparency.

Detailed lead information such as inbound keywords, contact details, initial landing page, etc. can be viewed.

Lead communication via email is enabled, minimizing the scatter of written communication caused by using multiple platforms.

Keyword report

The keyword report is a unique feature that helps in tracking the right keywords that bring in hot leads. You can view the estimated value that each search keyword has brought in.

This allows you to bid higher on those valuable keywords while running marketing campaigns.

Export Leads

The information on ‘how a lead found us’ is as important as the conversion of the lead. You can leverage this information in setting up more targeted campaigns, generating high-potential leads.

Leads, their inbound keywords, accessed device, location, and details of the targeted advertisement are listed.

User Management

You can set up new users and manage advanced permissions easily.

User access is restricted by RBAC authorization flow (Role Based Access Control), which maintains security. Access levels can be based on the employee hierarchy/ actual roles within the organization.

Activity log

The activity log is a real-time updated activity monitor of the LMS. This data can be scrutinized by admins to ensure high service quality and transparency in the LMS workflow.

With an LMS, you can maximize engagement potential, minimize response time, track positions in the sales pipeline in real-time, and subsequently elevate the conversion rates.

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Team of developers who worked on this project: Karthik, Krishna Raj, Vijay, Sam, Sahal