Online Billing and Invoicing Software

Online Billing and Invoicing Software


This online business application was built to improve cash flow by keeping better track of receivables (customer invoices). The module can run standalone but should be linked with other business application modules to provide maximum value.

The module can be customized to suit your company’s exact needs.

Integration Possibilities

By integrating this module with the time and attendance module (case study) service firms can obtain an almost fully automized attendance, time tracking and billing system. The module can also be integrated with a client portal to share billing data with clients and thereby decreasing the burden on administration staff.

Features and Benefits

The invoice listings page (screenshot) gives staff an effective starting point for following up invoices.

The Client financial statement (screenshot) gives staff the ability to follow billing and payment history for each client.

Staff can use the accounts receivable overview (screenshot) to monitor what each client owes. The numbers are based on invoices sent and invoices paid, as well as work in progress (based on time booked by staff).

Team of developers who worked on this project: Arjun S, Vijay, Sam, Urmila, Arjun M