Online Newsletter Software – An SaaS Solution

Online Newsletter Software – An SaaS Solution

Need: An SaaS Solution to Consolidate Scattered Software

Please note that this project was developed in 2008 and the project is no longer active.

The client is an Italian web design and web development company with a large clientele of customers who are requesting CMS and marketing services. The client already hosted and managed a broad range of open source CMS and newsletter applications for their clients and they got the idea to develop their own newsletter software on an SaaS (software as a service) platform. This would save them much time in terms of administration and application maintenance.

Solution: A Simple Yet Effective Newsletter Module

LiteBreeze India has previous experience of SaaS development which helped a lot in delivering customer value to this SaaS-based newsletter application. The client can easily set up its customers through the admin panel “import customers feature” – and the customers will instantly receive their account login. Once logged in the customer can set up newsletters and subscribers.

Users of the application can set up content groups, language groups, add articles (which the newsletter will be populated with). By pasting a code snippet on their website their customers can sign up as subscribers.

Benefits Delivered by LiteBreeze India

LiteBreeze’s client can allow its customers to manage and send newsletters with great simplicity. A customer can be added within a matter of seconds, compared to earlier when the client had to manually install a newsletter solution for each customer. A great deal of what is charged to the end customer is now profit to LiteBreeze’s client. One of the greatest benefits is perhaps that upgrades and backups can be made to the software without LiteBreeze’s client having to manage a myriad of standalone installations.

Team of developers who worked on this project: Priyesh, Sandeep, Anzal, Jishnu, Arif