Custom Online Service Marketplace

Custom Online Service Marketplace

How the Online Marketplace Works

Please note that this project was developed in 2008-2009 and the project is no longer active.

The evolution of the internet has opened avenues to market skills more effectively. Consumers are forever looking for effective service solutions at competitive prices. At the same time, people are also looking for avenues to market their skills. eKuoture bridges the gap between skills and prospective consumers.

The website classifies the services under various categories which allow the consumers to select the specific service of choice. The consumer then defines and details the service required and posts it on the web.

The administrator picks up the request and forwards the request to all service providers satisfying the category of the work specified. The service providers contact the consumers through the administrator and close the deal.

Service providers can register with the site and provide their details and areas of expertise. The information is verified by the administrator and queued for requests.

The client required a simple interface which would appeal to his consumers. AJAX web techniques are incorporated along with third-party tools to lend a professional touch to the solution.

It is a fusion mix between a web portal, e-commerce application, PHP business application and online marketplace. The solution also includes social networking aspects to make it more user-friendly and trigger frequent usage.

The web application was developed using PHP and MySQL by the PHP programmers at LiteBreeze India.

Benefits Provided by the Portal

Consumers are always looking for skilled workers to help with renovations and the like. Online service portals have become very successful within areas such as programming and digital art.

However, in many countries, including Spain, there are not enough good alternatives for finding skilled workers online. With its emphasis on simplified communication and ease of use, this custom online marketplace becomes the obvious choice for a consumer looking for a skilled worker.

The ratings given by consumers help to quantify the skill set of the service providers making the website a true work generator for well-deserving and distinctive skills.

In spite of the differences in time zones, language and culture LiteBreeze understood our project from the beginning, showing the flexibility needed during the development phase and contributing with value added advices during the project. LiteBreeze is a great choice for off-shore PHP web development.

- José Frances (Madrid, Spain)
Team of developers who worked on this project: Dileep, Urmila, Aswathy V, Sajan, Karthik