Online vacation rental apartments

Online vacation rental apartments is a Swedish company that deals with short term rentals of private houses and apartments around the world. The users can book apartments through this website The working of the system can be described as below:

1. User can book apartments by paying the 20% booking fee by using online payment. All payments are done in Euro and we are using DIBS payment gateway.

2. When one booking is made the host user will get notified about the booking. They can either accept or decline the booking. The booking will be auto declined if the host doesn’t reply within the next 13 hours.

3. Once the host accepts an offer both the user and the host will get email notifications on this. The user can pay the amount directly to the host user and check in.

The site is developed with symfony framework and we have done a few modifications like the button appearance, sorting feature, automatic mapping etc.

LiteBreeze has helped us develop a complex web application in a timely and professional manner. Communication has been swift and the project planning helped make the development phase smooth. Contact LiteBreeze if you need an affordable custom web application!

- Caroline Bergquist (Stockholm, Sweden)
Team of developers who worked on this project: Sibu, Sony, Saji, Musafar, Arjun KB