SaaS application for smart delivery route management

SaaS application for smart delivery route management

Smart delivery is a SaaS application which intelligently plans and optimizes daily delivery lists and routes of delivery firms. The smart delivery system is a complete package which includes the online route planning web application for site admin as well as an iPhone / android app for the drivers.

Site admin has full control and a clear overview of the deliveries. This system aims to lower transportation costs and improve productivity.

The smart delivery system has two different segments: 

  • Site admin: They can create, plan and manage effective delivery routes for packages. They use the web application for these tasks.
  • Delivery driver: The driver does not have access to the web system. However using the mobile app, the driver can find and manage delivery locations, maintain the package list and navigate to the next delivery location.

Customers can monitor their deliveries in real-time. Customers will be updated about the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of deliveries via system generated SMS.  

The talented developers at LiteBreeze used Laravel, Google maps, app development with Ionic framework, MySQL,  jQuery to successfully complete this application.

Key features

  • Route optimization: Planning a route can be a mathematical challenge. For determining the best route, this feature factors in potential obstacles such as traffic, weather, construction etc. It allows an admin to import a delivery list and accordingly plan an optimal route for delivery. This plan is then shared with the driver.
  • Real-time tracking: It shows the location of drivers while they are out for delivery. This tracking data is automatically recorded for the admin to review it. Also, customers are provided with real-time tracking of their delivery package and location of the driver.
  • Delivery time estimation and notification: The route plan estimates a delivery time for a package and sends notification SMS to the customer.
  • Driver mobile app: With the smart delivery mobile app, the driver gets all the information to ensure an exceptional delivery experience. The app provides features such as digital signature, interactive map, customer contact, navigation to next delivery location, package list management etc.
  • SMS communication: Smart delivery allows direct and real-time communication between customers and drivers through SMS.
  • Digital delivery status report: Site admin can keep track of the status of all deliveries done through the application using the digital delivery status report. Multiple reporting tools have been developed to support the business in the future.
SaaS application for smart delivery route management
LiteBreeze completed our customized mobile app project as per our expectations. They are a talented team of developers with an in-depth expertise in software development along with European work-standards. I recommend LiteBreeze if you are looking for a high-quality and trustworthy development partner. - Ferat Korkmaz
Team of developers who worked on this project: Priyesh, Ragunathan, Aswathy V, Yomon, Dixon