Social Network For Writers and Story Portal

Social Network For Writers and Story Portal

Client’s Need: Content, User, and Payment Management

Please note that this project was developed in 2008 and that the project is no longer active.

Xrible is keen to provide exposure for writers by offering them a place where their work will be seen and read. The client intends to provide a platform for budding writers to express themselves and be recognized.

To achieve this, the client requires the right group of like-minded people to read the stories published and provided unbiased and constructive critiques. The objective of the website is to attract discerning readers and well as writers.

Solution: Nimble Access to Stories

The client was looking for a simple and clean design, so it is restrained and not crowded. The stories are categorized to suit the writers’ and well as readers’ sensibilities. Visitors can post comments on the stories published.

Taking the website one step ahead, the writers are able to chat online with their peers and derive benefit from the knowledge available, turn the website into both a web portal and social network.

The custom web portal was developed by PHP developers at LiteBreeze India using PHP and MySQL web development technologies.

Some social networking features such as online collaboration, commenting, rating and tagging have been implemented in the solution.

Benefits: Helping Each Other Through Online Collaboration

The website is able to reach out to other erudite writers and thereby improve the quality of the written word. By collaborating online and getting feedback from peer authors as well as readers the writers get a unique opportunity to refine their work.

We contacted LiteBreeze for the development of a custom online article portal for our company. We are very satisfied with the design, development and communication done by the team this far and would gladly recommend LiteBreeze's services. We're especially happy with the scalability of the solution and being able to make changes and develop add-ons.

- Jeffrey Dorrestijn (Netherlands)
Team of developers who worked on this project: Sibu, Priyesh, Vijay, Nikhil, Sivaprasad