Custom E-learning solution for drivers conveying dangerous goods

Custom E-learning solution for drivers conveying dangerous goods is an e-learning platform providing courses to truck drivers who are conveying dangerous goods. In addition to the e-courses, the system has got backend CRM and invoicing modules.

SafePac primarily focuses on the Scandinavian market but LiteBreeze is also developing an international platform. The solution has numerous business application features as well.

The e-learning solution is developed on Zend Framework (PHP and MySQL). Some legacy software is being used for parts of the back-end as well.

LiteBreeze is working closely with the client to develop new features, make the platform faster, make it more user-friendly and in other ways increase value for end customers and the client.

Features and work done:

  • Management of companies, company admins and sub-users and allocation of courses to sub-users
  • Separate billing and course allocation systems for domestic and foreign customers
  • Multi-currency course purchase process
  • Video courses with multiple choice questions
  • Multiple currencies and languages
  • Content and blog management in multiple languages
  • Move of website and system from shared hosting to a VPS / cloud server
Custom E-learning solution for drivers conveying dangerous goods

LiteBreeze developed an e-learning application in PHP and MySQL for us. They helped us to automate our processes, save time and deliver value to end-users. They are highly professional and I recommend LiteBreeze if you need custom PHP development.

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- Tommy Sandberg (Karlskoga, Sweden)
Team of developers who worked on this project: Sandeep, Preeth, Sibu, Sony, Bijil