TEFL Express – English Learning Website

TEFL Express – English Learning Website

Purpose of the web portal

TEFL Express is a web portal that allows users to buy and enroll for English teaching courses and get training through the online platform, the classroom medium or a combination of both. The enrolled students can access their course materials through a virtual student classroom online.

The participants get a certificate upon completion of the course after which they may be able to start teaching in a country of their choice. The website also offers internship opportunities as well as direct job placements for candidates with TEFL certification.

Additionally, there is a special discount section for selected courses and a TEFL shop to purchase educational supplementary materials.

The TEFL website offers candidates an opportunity to get certification in TEFL and travel across the globe to teach English.

As the client needed to build a fully custom web application from scratch they opted for LiteBreeze India to deliver a high quality yet affordable solution based on PHP and MySQL technologies.


A neat user-friendly front end with simple navigation has been designed with clear demarcation of courses and course types, jobs, internship opportunities, TEFL shop, FAQ and other common website features.

Online purchase pathways for courses and shop items as well as online application for jobs and internships have been implemented.

The enrolled candidates can enter their virtual classroom and view their purchased courses and associated tests by logging into the website.

An online chat feature has been incorporated into the website to provide assistance to the TEFL site visitors.

The content for the web portal, courses, certifications, tests, jobs, shop, discounts is all managed from the administrator side. Course units and files can be defined and packaged into modules using the CMS designed by LiteBreeze.

The admin capabilities include the addition of teachers and assigning courses to them, user management, certifications, shipping management, email template configuration and mailing, currency management, overview of student history and status of their certifications, items purchased etc.

The teachers added have access to course section assigned to them and students enrolled for the same. There is also a mail component to entertain and follow up the incoming queries from registered students.

LiteBreeze has also provided for the inclusion of costs in multiple currencies for course materials and items in order to accommodate requests from different parts of the world.

Please note that this project was developed in 2010 and that LiteBreeze has not been involved in any further development during the past years.

Team of developers who worked on this project: Vijay, Arjun M, Arif, Dileep, Don P