Web Design and CMS for LiteGlobe

Web Design and CMS for LiteGlobe

The Purpose of the Website

Please note that this project was developed in 2008 and that the project is no longer active.

LiteGlobe needed a fresh look for their website which would appeal to their two-fold target group. On one side a young adventerous generation and on the other more conservative decision makers from big businesses.

The purpose of the website is to trigger an interest among employees to work abroad. The employees would be able to partake in an adventurous lifestyle and make more money at the same time due to tax benefits.

The website also aims to introduce the concept of offshoring employees from developed countries on an adventurous, health and wellness-focused six-month excursion. The aim is to save money and treat employees to the time of their life.

I'm very satisfied with the way LiteBreeze supported me in building this website, both in terms of design and PHP programming. I had access to a team leader over Skype for probably 10 hours a day. It helped me launch the website in the narrow time frame the company aimed for.

- Erik Stenekas (Karlstad, Sweden)
Team of developers who worked on this project: Bini, Sibu, Sam, Praveesh, Fasil