Web Portal of Kennels and Available Dogs

Web Portal of Kennels and Available Dogs

How the Custom Kennel Portal Works

Please note that this project was developed in 2008. The website is still up and running however LiteBreeze has not been involved in any further development the past years.

DinKennel connects dog breeders (kennels) to prospective dog owners. A user can search, browse and read about particular breeds and kennels. Users benefit from being able to search through a great number of kennels in one go. Kennels get the opportunity to promote themselves online through one single channel at a low cost.

The web application was developed using PHP and MySQL by the PHP programmers at LiteBreeze India.

Benefits Delivered by LiteBreeze India

Researching and selecting a dog breeder after deciding on a purebred dog is a lot of work, but generally pays off in the end. While no future is written in stone, a good breeder has done the work to ensure that his puppies are as free from disease and undesirable temperament traits as possible. This custom web portal simplifies the process of finding a breeder and enables the user to move forward and interact with the breeder’s dogs to get a fairly clear picture of how the dog will turn out in the future.

Starting off with LiteBreeze was easy and positive. After having sent our initial inquiry LiteBreeze quickly got back to us with a well-crafted proposal/prototype. Even though certain issues arose as we're so far apart geographically and culturally there were never any problems fixing these issues once identified. The programming skills of the staff must be on a very high level as there have never been any problems implementing what we have wished for. Design and functionality goes hand in hand. Initial price estimate has coincided well with the actual cost. We wish to thank LiteBreeze for a good job.

- Niklas Johansson & Bengt Helgesson (Blekinge, Sweden)
Team of developers who worked on this project: Arun, Preeth, Sibu, Anzal, Sandeep