Heavily customized WordPress solution for LiteBreeze official website

Heavily customized WordPress solution for LiteBreeze official website

A dynamic website is a must for a professional services firm. We’ve spent over 3500 hours on this WordPress solution to support: multi-language content marketing, showcasing of developer profiles and project case studies, advanced SEO concepts, dynamic career website, APIs to connect with other systems, and more.

Our WordPress experts used multiple years of web application expertise under the leadership of our Swedish management to create this heavily customized solution to improve marketing.

Our old legacy system was built in core PHP so we decided it was about time to rebuild it into a truly scalable solution to better showcase our expertise and experience.

Key Features

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and marketing:

  1. Google rankings retained through proper 301 redirects and sitemaps. This ensures that all search engines were able to access the old links without leading to a 404 page.
  2. SEO-friendly URL structure with sitemaps submitted via GWT (Google Webmaster Tools).
  3. Integration of Google analytics, Google Ads (formerly Adwords) tracking, GWT and Moz Analytics. This allows for detailed SEO and content reports that in turn gives us the opportunity to improve marketing further.
  4. Lead value tracking via the website and LMS allows for Google Ads bids to be set more accurately, and in the future possibly an automated AI-like feedback loop.
  5. Content marketing is the most important SEO-aspect these days. This solution allows practically all our staff to contribute content to our blog and content categories.

Improved navigation: We have recently divided our website into two versions with custom navigation menus. One with a focus on clients and another with a focus on job seekers. This ensures that site visitors always get content relevant to them. 

Portfolio management: This custom module allows senior staff and content marketers to manage our case studies with ease. Advanced features include:

  • Private portfolio: These projects are hidden from public and viewable by potential clients upon request.
  • Custom portfolio link: Administrator can create unique links consisting of several projects. Such a “custom portfolio” will be sent to a lead based on the leads’ industry and requirements.

Developers management: This module allows us to showcase our developers’ experience and strengths through an easy to manage backend interface. It comes with an anonymization option which enables the administrator to have two versions of the profiles:

  • Public profile: Available to the general audience, with some redacted information.
  • Private profile: Will be password protected and access can be granted to leads upon request.

Multilingual CMS with multiple country-specific domain names: The multilingual CMS powered with WordPress CMS, Poylang and loco translate plugins. More about our multilingual and multiregional considerations.

Seamless integration with other solutions: One of the key challenges during the website rebuild was to ensure that the new system continued to work with the existing internal systems through WordPress API’s. Major integrations include:

  • ATS / Recruitment system: Our career website is linked to our ATS (Applicant Tracking System). Vacancies and new applicants must be synched between the website and ATS to save time for our recruitment team.
  • Lead management portal: The ‘request a quote’ button is linked to our LMS (Leads Management System) through which our business development team can handle prospective clients and analyze Google Ads tracking information.
  • ERP/staff panel: User-authentication for content-creators through existing ERP and staff panel logins.

User-specific content: Content-creators can easily add content for different audiences such as potential clients or existing staff. We have integrated a script to our website which can be set through an API call from our ERP/staff panel (through which our employees’ log in to log daily time entry reports). This enables our staff to view employee-specific content on our website.

GDPR compliance: We’ve taken the utmost care to ensure that our new website is 100% GDPR compliant.

Multiple page templates: The LiteBreeze WordPress build consists of 15+ unique WordPress page templates, which enables visitors to experience a different presentation on each page.

Team of developers who worked on this project: Arun, Chithra, Arjun S, Sandeep, Kiran A