Yacht Portal and Rental Management Software

Yacht Portal and Rental Management Software

Need: Yacht portal and rental management software

Please note that this project was developed in 2008-2009 and the project is no longer publically accessible.

This web portal and rental management software supports an American company that is arranging exclusive yacht trips for its customers. The client needed a portal where their customers could log on and request a quote for yacht excursion.

The request would be made through a user-friendly and interactive step-by-step guide in the portal. Requests from customers would then be passed on to yacht brokers who respond to a request with a detailed proposal. The proposal is also generated through a user-friendly online guide.

The client underlined the importance of an interactive, good-looking and very easy-to-use interface which would appeal to their exclusive clientele. As the client needed to build a fully custom web application from scratch they opted for LiteBreeze India to deliver a high quality yet affordable solution based on PHP and MySQL technologies.

Apart from the requirement of a good-looking portal there was also a need for back-end business logic. The administrators and brokers needed to keep track of what yachts were booked during what period of time through functionality akin to rental management software.

Solution: An interactive marketplace built on a scalable platform

Much effort was put into the interactive guide where the customer submits a request for a yacht. A neat yet user-friendly menu was implemented and the web development team at LiteBreeze India made sure it worked flawlessly in all major browsers.

Technology such as JQuery, Javascript and CSS was used to provide the end-user with a truly great experience.

When a user has submitted a request it will be picked up by a yacht owner or broker who can submit an offer to the user.

Brokers submit quotes through an extremely neat interface as well, which puts pleasure in the process and strengthens broker loyalty to the website.

An extensive list of attributes collected from the user (such as boat size, staff style, location and much more) will be passed on so that the broker can submit offers only to requests that match the broker’s fleet and capabilities.

Benefits delivered by LiteBreeze India

The custom PHP application makes the process of chartering a yacht both interactive and fun. It banishes boring forms which may otherwise turn off clients.

This focus on the end-user makes the web portal an obvious choice for customers looking for an individually designed vacation or a corporate get-together.

The flexibility and scalability enabled by the custom PHP and MySQL solution makes it easy for the client to request additional features.

It may be that the client requires business software modules such as CRM or accounting software.

I would like to thank you and your team for all the great work in creating my project. Your team has been professional and competent throughout. I appreciate the patience of my project manager to fix every minute detail. I had a very specific idea in mind, and your team realized it - even though we were many thousands of miles away. I encourage anyone thinking about realizing a website project to consider the Litebreeze team.

- Tom Partington (New York, USA)

Team of developers who worked on this project: Jishnu, Preeth, Chithra, Arif, Rahul