The LiteBreeze principles

We follow a set of principles that aims to make clients as happy as possible, and our organization as efficient as possible.

Core concepts

Radical transparency
Service quality
Value maximization
Code quality


Time entry guidelines
To-do list guidelines
Time overview guidelines
Work plan guidelines
Appraisal guidelines
Coaching guidelines

Departments and applicable concepts

There are six core concepts here at LiteBreeze.

Four are applicable for all departments – including roles like recruitment, marketing and HR:

  • Radical transparency
  • Coaching
  • Service quality
  • Value creation

And the final two are applicable for the technical team – software developers and designers:

  • Functionality (also applicable for QA)
  • Code quality

In addition to the general concepts, there are a number of guidelines related to these core concepts. The guidelines are practical in nature whereas the concepts are general and broad.