Why Elasticsearch?

LiteBreeze advocates Elasticsearch for a seamless search experience

Providing your customers with a seamless real-time search experience on your website is a priority. LiteBreeze recommends Elasticsearch for a fast, smooth, scalable search experience. 

Elasticsearch is a document-oriented, open-source, schema-free search engine. It uses flexible data models to keep latency and inaccuracy to a negligible degree.

A highly customized solution that leverages Elasticsearch is what we built for ActaPublica, one of our long-term clients.

ActaPublica is a leading Swedish research database company, which imports data from around 600 government agencies and stores around 60 million legal documents.

Journalists, news agencies, law firms and other stakeholders can log in to the platform and search the data, in the interest of research or studies.

Elasticsearch helps ActaPublica deliver quick, relevant search results to even the most specific search queries and filters from its enormous database.

Are you looking to build a web/mobile solution that relies on robust search features? Contact us today to discuss how we can make your Elasticsearch based project a success!

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Our Elasticsearch projects

These are two of our clients. You can browse our other projects here:

  • ActaPublica.se is a leading legal research database company in Sweden, with more than 60 million legal documents. The database, along with monitoring services, allows for extensive investigations and background checks. The application core is built on the Laravel framework. Background processes based on Python/PHP are used to identify documents and notify users via emails and API.

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    Custom search engine for legal research database
    We trust LiteBreeze with all our web development work in Siren and Acta Publica. They developed the archive service for Acta Publica which all Swedish media firms rely on daily. We recommend LiteBreeze for their AWS expertise.
    Martin Fredriksson (Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Through this online coaching and e-learning platform, experienced experts share knowledge through telepresence. In live sessions, experts use voice, video call, and screen sharing. This offers a personalized experience to skill seekers. This high-traffic web application has taken many man-hours to develop.

More information about Elasticsearch

LiteBreeze integrates Elasticsearch as per project requirement

Elasticsearch is coupled with the integrated Kibana visualization and reporting tool, this allows users to visualize complex data and present it in an easily understandable manner.

Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana coupled with the tools like Beats is referred to as the ELK stack. Integration with Beats and Logstash, enables users to easily transform source data and load it into your Elasticsearch cluster.

The Elastic cluster is easily scalable and can hold large amounts of data scaling even to Petabytes. It is offered in popular languages like PHP, .NET, Python, Java etc and works well with popular web-frameworks like Laravel.

LiteBreeze has been actively using the ELK stack for the last few years. For example: as a product catalog for a webstore client. It enables search and advanced filtering, text analysis and processing, collects and monitors logs and visualizes the application/infrastructure metrics.

Few of our recent use-cases were:

  1. Storing product catalog and enabling search and advanced filtering on it.
  2. Store document and files content and metadata, creating advanced filtering, retrieval and aggregations on it.
  3. Ingest system logs from different sources and visualize in Kibana for identifying issues.

Many large companies use Elasticsearch for storing and searching their documentation. Airbus is one example. They have two billion blocks of technical documents related to their aircraft.

Elasticsearch allows them to give efficient support to all partners involved in manufacturing and servicing their various airplane models. Searches are made through a modern document search platform.

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